Saturday, September 10, 2016

Apple Jacks Orchard

Alex and Avin had friends sleep over on Friday night. 
We aren't home often on the weekends so I let them take advantage of a free Friday night.

Alex had her friend Emerson over and Avin had her friend Hailey.
Lots of jumping on the trampoline, riding the ranger, dancing and singing.

Saturday morning I woke to music and someone jamming on the piano...
Made the girls cinnamon rolls, had them clean up and we headed to Apple Jacks Orchard.

The girls and I had never been to this Orchard before but we enjoy corn mazes,
and all the fun activities that come with the mazes.

The girls had a blast checking everything out and roaming about.
They decided on the jumping pillow, corn pit, beeline and corn maze. 

They spent the most time and had the most fun in the corn pit.
It's crazy how much fun kids can have in the pit.

The zipline was fun and quick. 
They got to do that twice.

I always love the "How tall this fall" photos...
It's fun to always look back and compare.

We had the best weather and the place wasn't busy at all...

Alex, Emerson, Avin & Hailey
Apple Jacks '16

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