Monday, October 17, 2016

Our Greatest Adventure

I don't take nearly enough photos throughout the year with my "nice" camera.  I pull that thing out when it's picture season and not much more before or after that.  I have been trying to get better at taking it out more, capturing the moments and adventures with our kids.  A simple picture can bring back so many memories and emotions.  I am determined to bring the "nice" camera out more often.

 This is the second year that I have taken them out and do family pictures, minus Bob and I of course.  Maybe one year we will get in on the family pictures as well.  This year we went to Henry's woods and it was the perfect location at the perfect time for fall photos. 

I actually had plans to head to this other area with run down barns and more rustic looking.  I am so glad we made the decision to stop here first and check it out.  Seriously so beautiful and the kids had so much fun exploring every inch of the woods.  Picking out where to take pictures and how to take pictures.  I am convinced I didn't get a million I love because I allowed them to much freedom, something I am not usually great at. Because of the freedom the pictures went smoother and the kids had more fun while capturing memories for our Christmas card and the closure of 2016. 

I could have photographed them playing in leaves for hours, next year I will photograph them longer as it is such a simple yet beautifully fun sight.  Something they love and to be able to capture their true genuine smiles is remarkable. 

We took photos for a good hour and explored the woods.  Every new stump they found they had to have me capture a picture.  They climbed out on fallen down trees, over water and swampy land and onto old rotted out logs.  Even through all the exploring, no one got dirty or hurt! 
Let them be kids, let them explore.

I love the bond these 4 have with each other.  I love that they love each other, look out for one another, care for each other and enjoy being around each other.  They fight like true siblings, get on each others nerves and drive each other crazy but they always love one another.

and so the adventure begins!

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