Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Muzzleloader 2016

A Huntress : a women who hunts game

If you would have asked me 4 years ago if I would have become a "huntress", I would have laughed in your face and gave you a big HELL NO.  I had never thought about or had the urge to hunt anything before meeting Bob.  

Bob has taken me out of so many different comfort zones I've had.  He has challenged me and opened my eyes with so many different experiences.  He pushes me when I'd normally just throw in the towel or never try it at all. 

Bob was set on my shooting my first deer this year, I however didn't really care and made it known.  Rifle season was over and Muzzleloader had started, Bob went out and got himself that type of gun. We went out to the land and I shot it twice, he claimed that was good enough to hunt.

We went out to the stand 1 evening and as the sun is setting I was literally hoping we wouldn't see a deer.  I wasn't fully comfortable holding the gun and I was more afraid of the loud bang it makes!  I got "lucky" of course and 2 deer stepped into view, they where hiding behind some pine trees for a bit until a 3rd came up and scared 1 of the does out into the open.  I kept telling Bob I couldn't do it, I finally took the shot and missed.  This deer was in plain sight with nothing around her and I missed.

Even though I missed my first shot that didn't stop Bobs dream of me getting my first deer.  He convinced me to go again ( lets face it i'd do anything for him ) and we headed out on a rainy wednesday evening. 

 It was minutes before dark and 2 deer came into sight.  I was nervous, my heart was racing and I just couldn't take the shot.  The 2 does went behind some trees for literally 5 minutes , which gave me enough time to settle down and slow my heart beat.  As I was waiting for these deer to step out a 3rd deer came into sight and without even thinking twice I put my gun on it and pulled the trigger.

This entire time I am talking to Bob, telling him I can't do it, I don't have a good shot or that I am scared.  I had every excuse I could think of and he was crouched down so that if I needed to use the other window I could have.  He never saw the 3rd deer come into sight 
( too bad it wasn't a huge buck ) 

I knew I didn't miss this time, I could tell by the deers reaction but I wasn't sure how far she would run before she would tip over.  We got down from the stand and I lead the way to find my doe, little did I know Bob knew exactly where it was and it wasn't far from where I shot her.  He waited until we were up pretty close to the doe before saying "erin look" and pointing at it.  I made him give her a little tap to make sure she was official dead before I grabbed her head for a picture.  Bob did the gutting, but I got my hands bloody enough by helping drag her through the woods and mud and getting her into the truck.

The feeling and excitement throughout the entire process was intense.  The minutes leading up to shooting her is unlike anything I've ever experienced.  The racing heart, shaking of hands and just the mental thought process was so surreal.  The accomplishment of achieving something you never thought possible made me proud of myself.  Send the pictures out and the phone calls and having people truly be excited, happy and proud of you was unlike anything i've ever experienced before.  Not to mention feeling proud of myself!

I can't wait for next year, I hope to get a buck big enough to mount!
Happy Hunting!

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