Sunday, December 25, 2016

Micah Man

This little guy is seriously one of my favorites ever...
His little voice, his huge personaility and his knowledge beyond his few years...
Could keep anyone laughing for days! 

Here he is Christmas morning trying to put his brothers head inside his shirt...
Did I mention he is the little brother, but his personality is HUGE!

Here he is with his "soda"
"This is my soda" he told me...

I had a mt. dew by me and I said, "this is my pop"
He kept correcting me saying, "no SOODAAA"

He had never heard the word pop before,
or it wasn't used around him often.

It was seriously adorable conversing with him about soda & pop.
His tiny little voice, his smirk and being so determined about his soda.

I love this kid, seriously love him.
Can not believe how much he has changed sense we last saw him
and can not wait to see him again in Cali in just a few short months.

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