Sunday, January 15, 2017

Izzy Basketball '17

This was Izzy 2nd year and basketball and it's her sport.  She had improved so much and it was so fun watching her run up and down that court, shooting baskets, stealing the ball and scoring points for her team.

It's so fun watching kids learn and grow at this age.  Things just all of a sudden click and they take off.  She has come a long way over her 2 seasons of basketball and we can't wait to watch her grow even more with this sport.

She's got the determination, the drive, the spunk, the height and 
the aggressiveness to be great at basketball.

Next season hopefully they play more tournaments and we can make it to more.  I only made it to one tournament this year and that was not enough.  Great season Izzy, onto the next sport!

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