Monday, March 6, 2017

Oregon - State Float

4th Grade in Annandale has 2 major projects : The State Float & The 4th Grade Sale .  Both of these projects are very large and time consuming, taking lots of thought, effort and time.

The State Float was first and Alex chose Oregon as her state.  Together we came up with a plan, did the research and answered as many questions as we could from her list.  We drew a diagram of what she wanted it to look like them planned out our shopping trip for all the goodies needed to make this Oregon float come to life.

She got to work a lot of the prep work at her dads.  
Even Avin got to help a little with the tree making and ghost suckers. 

She spent a good 5 or 6 evenings working on her project.  There was times she was frustrated and I had to force her to work on it to get it done but mostly she enjoyed it.

She had a very hard time picturing how it was all going to turn out and come together but I think she did a pretty amazing job and the end product was great.

She spent a few nights going over her note cards and reading them allowed to us.  One night Avin told her " be confident, brave and powerful".  It was so funny because it came out of no where but what great words of advice for this girl.

She was nervous heading into school the morning it was due.  Only a few kids went each day and no one knew what day was theirs.  She ended up being one of the first kids to go and she did awesome. 

We have yet to get a grade back for this project or any comments about it.  I did ask her teacher and she said she got 91% and did great presenting.  Alex even went up and helped another kid finish his presentation who wasn't able to finish.  Really proud of her hard work on this very big project.

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