Friday, April 28, 2017

Arts & Academics '17

One of my favorite days of the year is Arts and Academics.  I absolutely love going into the school and seeing the kids art work up and down the halls, on the tables and in their classrooms.  The hall walls are filled with every single child's work and its amazing to see all the different techniques, colors and visions used for each art project.  

We start our day by getting donuts at the grocery store, we don't like what they provide at the school so we get our own special treat.  We make sure we are there right at 7:30am or good luck finding a parking spot.

We got to see a bunch of Alex art work throughout the school.  She made a pig mask, an emoji clay pot, bird house she drew and designed, her state float and her self portrait.   

It's so fun to see how proud they are of their individual art work but I also love how Alex loves to show me her friends work as well.  She points out her closets friends as well as kids she thinks did a great job on certain projects.

Avin has one project hanging on the walls throughout the school and the rest were in her classroom.  She did a watercolor pairing, a self portrait and a drawing of her family.  

"I have the biggest family ever" - Avin told me about her drawing.  She then went on to tell me who was all in the pictures, "Mommy, Bob, Alex, Me, Sawyer, Izzy, Mara, Daddy, Heather & Brinkley"

We ended the morning at the library where each child got to pick a book out for free.  Everyone enjoys this day and its so great to see so many parents and grandparents there checking out all the different art work from the children. 

The girls smile tell it all, its so nice for them to show off "their masterpieces". 

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