Alexandra Mary Schuler

Alexandra Mary Schuler
April 6th 2007 
6 lbs 10 oz / 19 inches 

Alex was born 2 weeks early.  I was inducded with her because of Gall Stones.  She was perfectly healthy and was able to leave the hospital on Easter Sunday.  I had surgery 2 weeks after Alex was born to remove my gall bladder.
Alex Firsts
Crawling – nov 18th 2007
First steps – Feb 16th 2008
First tooth March 6th 2008
Walking – March 17th 2008
Fever 102.8 – may 24th 2008
Ouchy – June 16th 2008
Hand Foot Mouth Syndrome – Aug 22nd 2008
Bee Sting – Sept 3rd 2008
First Hair Cut - Oct. 2008
Air Plane Ride – March 7th 2009
Dentist - November 19th 2010
Ear Infection - January 19th 2011
2nd Plane Ride - January 20th 2011


Hand-foot-and-mouth syndrome (HFM) : is a viral infection characterized by fever and a typical rash most frequently seen on the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, and inside the mouth. It should not be confused with foot (hoof) and mouth disease that affects cattle, sheep, and swine.  Initial symptoms of mild fever (101-102 degrees) and malaise are followed within one or two days by a characteristic rash. Small (2-3 mm) red spots that quickly develop into small vesicles (blisters) appear on the palms, soles, and oral cavity. The gums, tongue, and inner cheek are most commonly involved. The foot lesions may also involve the lower calf region and rarely may appear on the buttocks. Oral lesions are commonly associated with a sore throat and diminished appetite.

August, 22nd 2008 - Urgent Care
Fever 103.2 degrees
 Concussion : We are pretty sure Alex got a concussion when she ran smack into her friend Mya and hit heads.  She threw up immediately and became very sleepy.  We did not take her in but we are sure she suffered a minor concussion. 
 July 2008

3 Favorite Things : Nuk, Blanket and Taggy
When Alex was around the age of 2 we started to ween her from her nuk.  She was allowed to have it in the car and during nap and bed time.  She knew this and was fine with it for awhile.  One day at work I took her nook after we got there and got her dressed.  Alex literally attached me, grabbed my hair with both hands and pulled multiple times.  I was so upset with her and in shock that I took the Nuk and threw it in the garage.  She has never had one sense. 

Alex and Her Words

Mama, Dada, Papa, Me - I want that, We - fun or we dont know why else she says it, Nu Ne - Nuk, Wawa - water, Whoa, Baba - bottle, Ba - ball, Tole - Cole (her cousin), woof - stands for puppy, Rock Rock - Going to sleep, Ni Ni - Night time/Sleepy, No No, Uh Oh, Mo - more

June 2008- Doa - Door, Do - Go (but not as clear)

August 2008 - Baby, Whoa, Mai - Mine, No - No, Bi - Bike

September 2008 - Didty - Kitty, ow, cheeeesss - Cheese, side - outside, ide - ride
Mya - Her friend next door, pes - please, Than Tu - Thank you, Wan Mower - Lawn Mower, Broom Broom - Car Noise

October 2008 - Binkey - Blankey, juice, rainy - raining, Doy - Toy, Money, tese - Teeth, Boy, Dirl - Girl

February 2009 - Jack, Dan, Erin, Eric, Char, Chad, Elmo, Anna, abby dabby, naughty, ike - Bike, right there, me Alex, Alex, Nolan, Ross, Kendra, Joey, Lauren, sit down, brrr, ove you, roni, noddle

At Age 1

Being outside
Playing with balls
Climbing up on things
Rocking horse
Exploring things
The lake

Favorite Shows / Movies : Elmo and Sesame Street

At Age 2
Playing with her friends
Pushing her own small cart at the grocery store
Loves animals
Riding Bikes
Coloring / painting
Watching her shows
Doing everything on her own
Cabin - Jet Ski Rides
Letting herself out of the house
Wanting to get out of the car on her own
Favorite Shows / Movies : Cars, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, 
Dragon Tails, Monsters Inc., and Dora

At Age 3 
Could live outside
Loves to swim
Loves movies and tv
Going to the park
Jumping on tramp
Buckling her own seat belt
Big bang theory theme song
Helping with her sister
Reading books at night time
Taking showers or baths with Avin
Dance class
Night Owl
Wants everything she sees on 
Loves to sing

Favorite Shows / Movies : Toy Story 3, Curious George, Olivia, 
Fresh Beat Band, How To Train A Dragon, Dino Dan, iCarly, Little Bill..

At Age 4

Jumping on Tramp
Riding Bike
Watching Movies
Playing with friends
Reading books
Coloring / Painting
Cooking / Baking 

Favorite Shows / Movies : Dino Dan, iCarly, Victorious, Big Time Rush

At Age 5

Anything outside - chalk, bikes, walks, tramp, parks
dance, gymnastics and swimming
the cabin
spending time with grandparents
music /art

Favorite shows - my little pony, sponge bob, brats, woody woodpecker

At Age 6

Still My outside girl - riding bike, hula hoop, monkey bars, scooter and playing with friends
Church & Gymnastics & Swimming
Sponge Bob Square Pants
Coloring & Drawing
Dancing & Singing
Spending as MUCH time with friends
The Cabin
Grandma and Grandpa

Sweet, caring, gentle, emotional, silly